Fortnite Season 7 Has Arrived, Bringing With it a Creative Cold Breeze

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With the majority of the major locations seeing much change over the past year, it'll be very interesting to see how long it takes until the entire map is completely different.

New areas such as Frosty Flights and Polar Peak have been added to the map, and a new airplane has been added to the game so you can dominate your opponents from the air, too.

Epic said it's taking a holiday break, so it's extending Season 7 by two weeks. But perhaps an even bigger change is the addition of Stormwing airplanes and new Ziplines that could change gameplay completely.

Yes, you can have players ride along on both of the wings and the tail.

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Fortnite has never looked like this before.

The Block is a new feature that will improve and evolve over time, according to Epic Games, and likely means that it is in early access.

Reddit user "eamonn25" put together a heat map of sorts to show all the areas that have been affected by the many changes of Fortnite.

The map, for instance, is changing once again, and players have an entirely new Battle Pass to progress through. The week 1 challenges have arrived and task players with 'Dancing on top of a crown of RV's.' Here's where the crown of RVs, metal turtle, locations are for the Season 7 week 1 challenge. In season 7, you'll also be able to unlock a new item called Wraps, which act as skins to customize your characters, vehicles and weapons.