'PUBG Mobile' Has Over 200 Million Users

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Users now get an option to report suspicious behaviour in spectator mode. On Android, the update weighs 1.6GB in size and is available right now.

With Pubg brings a lot of updates including maps; this can lead to the question of whether players might expect for more new upcoming maps in the game in the future. Vikendi is 6×6 which is in between Sanhok's 4×4 and Erangel's/Miramar's 8×8. The new snow-themed map is still in beta stages and was first spotted earlier this month. It seems that the map will still take one more day to roll out in India. The snow map is the main draw here, and unfortunately you'll have to wait to play it. Note that you can play on the new map starting tomorrow.

Vikendi offers some drastic changes in regards to gameplay.

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Survivor Pass: Vikendi - Provides missions and rewards to unlock for all players, as they level-up the pass.

PUBG's latest snow-covered map was revealed not long ago and was made available for players on the game's test servers, but it's going live for the whole PC platform soon, according to the developer. Players will be able to use the pass itself for free, though missions, selected rewards, and faster-leveling are only available with the Premium Pass that you'll have to pay for. In addition to that achievement, the mobile game has hit an awesome milestone of 200 million downloads at the store. PUBG is also planning to release a patch later on to add new elements to the game, including different vehicle dynamics, footprints and vehicle tracks and more. Vehicles slide around, players can throw snowballs, and movements are more easily trackable in the snow, all of these Vikendi features highlighted in the notes below. If you factor in PUBG's player count across both PC and console, it's actually possible that Bluehole's outing may be "out-selling" Epic's battle royale.

The update also adds support for the Arabian language and includes cross-server matchmaking.