The Game Awards 2018

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Far Cry has typically had its antagonists on the box art and we don't yet know if this is the case for Far Cry New Dawn.

Considering that we've seen Far Cry 4 in November 2014, Far Cry Primal in February 2016, and Far Cry 5 in March 2018.

The setting of the location in the teaser trailer is similar to that players explored in Far Cry 5, Hope County, Montana.

Why it could be a Far Cry 5 follow-up? The ruthless twin sisters Mickey and Lou are the leaders of the player's new opponents. SPOILER ALERT: once the bombs dropped at the end of the game - that's provided you got the "good" and now canon ending, we thought that would be our first and final visit to our new favourite United States holiday destination. The sequel nature of New Dawn is now confirmed, but, Ubisoft clarifies, it's not an official Far Cry 6 release. Global nuclear disaster has destroyed the entire civilized world, giving the district hope to complete chaos.

Xbox Portugal notes that Bloody Palace will be made available as a free update for Devil May Cry 5 in April 2019.

Comey Blasts Hearing, Will Return for Second Testimony
Democrats said the Republicans' questions were merely "distractions" from Robert Mueller's Russian Federation probe. Comey resisted the calls to appear for a hearing while insisting that it be made public.

Weapons and crafting: every item owned in America is now makeshift, and therefore highly personalised.

Decant was also excited to continue Far Cry 5's story through Joseph Seed's return. By upgrading the base you will also gain access to more powerful weapons and gear, helping you mount your defense. A brand new trailer can be seen below.

Thankfully, when you decide to commandeer a vehicle, Timber will jump in and go for a ride, just like anyone else.

Players won't just encounter new friendly creatures in the newly irradiated Montana though, with the fallout mutating once-harmless wildlife into unrecognisable and terrifying new foes.