Trump argues he 'never directed' longtime fixer to break law

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Trump "was very concerned about how this would affect the election", he said.

"This all suggests Trump could become a target of a very serious criminal campaign finance investigation", a bipartisan group of lawyers, including George Conway, whose wife works as a top Trump adviser, wrote in the Washington Post on Friday. He pleaded guilty to several charges, including campaign finance violations and lying to Congress. "Whatever he did, he did on his own".

"And he knew it was wrong?"

But Cohen, asked if Trump knew the payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal were wrong, said "of course". He said Trump was well aware of important decisions involving his business.

"He knows the truth, I know the truth, others know the truth, and here is the truth: The people of the United States of America, people of the world, don't believe what he is saying", added Cohen. Cohen and federal prosecutors say the payments were made at Trump's direction. In an interview Thursday with Fox News, he said: "I never directed him to do anything wrong".

In the president's case, Rodgers said, Trump would have to establish that he was actually seeking Cohen's legal advice in connection with the hush-money payments and not relying on him to handle the matter as his long-time fixer. "I will tell you that the gentleman that is sitting now in the Oval Office - 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue - is not the Donald Trump that I remember from Trump Tower".

Cohen's other convictions, for tax evasion and bank fraud, are unrelated to the president.

Lanny Davis said that Cohen "continues to tell the truth about Donald Trump's misconduct over the years".

"It was my duty to cover up his dirty deeds", Cohen said before US District Judge William H. Pauley III, reported BBC.

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Asked if he believed Trump was telling the truth about Russia's meddling in the USA election, Cohen said "no" - but declined to comment further.

They credited Cohen with providing "useful information" about the ongoing probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election, as well as "relevant information" about his contacts with people connected to the White House between 2017 and 2018. "For him to say, "I'm going to start, I'm going to stop lying now, starting now" is somewhat silly".

Trump has lashed out at Cohen as "weak" and accused him of lying. The publication bought McDougal's story of her alleged 2006-2007 affair with Trump with the express goal of killing it so it would not surface before Election Day in November 2016, to boost Trump's chances of winning the White House. Cohen was sentenced in NY yesterday.

Lately, Trump has called Cohen a liar, weak, and alleged that he only came up with the story to lessen his sentencing.

"It is absolutely not true", Cohen said in the ABC interview. Renting campaign office space, printing bumper stickers and yard signs, hiring campaign staff, paying for polling, and buying broadcast ads are all obligations that exist for the objective of influencing an election.

The lawyer expanded on the suspicious timing of the payments.

Cohen has said he is continuing to co-operate with investigators. "He attacks my family", Cohen said.

News is reporting they have confirmation that President Donald Trump was the third person in the room during an August 2015 meeting with Michael Cohen and David Pecker, publisher of the National Enquirer.