Google Assistant can now translate conversations in over 20 languages: Here's more

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Arguably the more significant discounts are for Amazon and Google's smart home devices.

Lenovo also introduced an Assistant-powered Smart Clock, which, while its features are limited, can draw on information in users' calendars and has other smart features. Multiple TV voice assistantsBixby still has a job. Despite that weirdness, it's still a solid free update for Dish Hopper owners, although neither Dish nor Google have said yet when it'll arrive.

Including Google Assistant in Android TV.

Android TV made a pretty big impact this week at CES as well, with Hisense, Panasonic and Sony all making Android TV announcements.

The use of digital voice assistants like Alexa from Amazon, Google Home and Apple Homepod is booming, according to a recent study by Accenture. After opting-in through your settings, you can ask your Google Assistant to show restaurants nearby, set up and dismiss alarms, schedule reminders and timers without unlocking your phone.

Google said that in the upcoming weeks it will make the feature available to all Android smartphones. Do let us know in the comments section.

Google went all-in at CES.

Have full control over their smart kitchen appliances and entire smart home ecosystem.

Even more so that previous year, Google has descended on CES with one thing on their mind. These include select Whirlpool connected appliances, GE's smart microwave, and security products from August.

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Until now, taking advantage of Google Assistant required hardware makers to equip their products with a microphone, relatively sophisticated silicon and software for accessing the service's cloud backend. And if the last couple of days have told us anything, it is that the Google Assistant is at the helm of its CES strategy. Google has plans to expand this feature to more airlines and flights soon.

The Google Assistant will also soon be compatible with auto accessories that let you control your car's music or diagnostics simply by plugging a device into a socket-keep yours eyes on Anker and JBL.

The flight check-in works if you have a flight confirmation in your Gmail.

The Assistant will notify users proactively when it's time to check in.

Users can also book rooms with partners like Expedia and Travelclick. Google also promises to bring support for Google Keep,, Bring! and Todoist.

As for the companys Bixby voice assistant it is also limited to a few countries and languages.

Initiating Interpreter Mode is as simple as saying "Hey Google, be my French interpreter", for example.

Everybody wants to ideal the real-time translation on their respective assistant.

At Hyatt, Interpreter Mode is being piloted at Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport's concierge desk to assist with fulfilling guest needs. The company announced its Lenovo Smart Clock Tuesday, a small device created to replace your digital alarm clock with a tiny four-inch touchscreen that gets to know you and your daily routines.