Kliff Kingsbury Will Reportedly Be The Arizona Cardinals Next Head Coach

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He knows there are many who doubt his ability to be a head coach in the NFL.

Kingsbury was sacked by Texas Tech in November following another disappointing season, and USC announced on December 5th that Kingsbury had been hired as the Trojans' offensive coordinator.

The Cardinals, at least originally, were not shy in publicly stating why they are entrusting their future and quarterback Josh Rosen to a first-year National Football League head coach with a roller-coaster resume.

The Patriots offensive coordinator confirmed to reporters during a conference call in Foxborough on Tuesday that he's staying put in New England, and won't be pursuing a head coaching job elsewhere.

Shortly after being ridiculed on Twitter, the Cardinals removed the sentence about McVay and Kingsbury being friends.

But the rationale is clear.

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The Cardinals may be on the cutting edge. It appears that they aren't any more interested in McDaniels than he would be in them.

Looks are not everything, but when you are a good-looking dude like Kliff Kingsbury, it's not a shock that he would be dating a smokeshow like Sonders. "It seems like the only reason is at one point he may have given a high-five to Sean McVay".

In his six seasons as head coach at Texas Tech, Kingsbury compiled a 35-40 record.

He does, however, bring unquestioned knowledge of successful offenses and in working with young quarterbacks. Foxworth views it less charitably. On Jeremiah's list were three quarterbacks, Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold and Josh Allen, who were all taken in the top 10 a year ago indicating that Rosen may be lagging behind in terms of his development. In 2018, Texas Tech went 5-7, which included losses to Texas and Oklahoma by a touchdown or less.

"I take a lot of pride in that position, I try to see from their eyes", Kingsbury said when asked about developing Rosen and the offense. He could be one of the hottest head coaching candidates next year. The Browns have in their past. "This is embarrassing. They're just reacting to a fad".