University Hospital Limerick cancer patient fronts World Health Organisation HPV campaign

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A new 3-year campaign started under the slogan: "I am and I will be", reported NOVA TV.

This year's theme, "I am and I will", was chosen as a reminder of the important actions individuals, groups, communities and political leaders need to take to reduce the impact of cancer on our lives.

It also found that almost one in five women (19%) are drinking above the Chief Medical Officer's recommended limit of consuming no more than 14 units per week to stay "low risk" from a range of health conditions, including cancer. Dr. Gordon said the potential downsides of mammograms are overstated, and that most women she talks to would prefer the peace of mind that comes with additional screening. Ithighlights the need for urgent action to increase early stage cancer detection, screening and diagnosis to significantly improve cancer patients' chances of survival. For example, in the United Kingdom we screen for bowel cancer at 50, and for cervical cancer at 25, but what about people who don't fit into these age brackets?

In addition, modern people, especially those office workers in large cities, work under pressure, lead a busy life and suffer from physical and mental sub-health, which also, to some extent, contributes to the increasing incidence of affluence-related cancer.

"By detecting cancer at its earliest stage, we seize the greatest opportunity to prevent millions of avoidable deaths worldwide", the UICC's chief executive officer Dr Cary Adams said.

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World Cancer Day is a global initiative to unite communities across the world in the war against cancer.

However, currently, Rwanda has five hospitals that can provide cancer treatment. Among Israeli women, the most common types are breast, colon and lung cancers. Everything should be done to make citizens go to preventive check-ups and screenings as early detection and timely diagnosis make the disease curable. "Cancer can be cured completely in our country". However, it warned that national cancer control plans should be goal-oriented, realistic, carefully prepared and appropriately funded through a participatory process in order to be effectively implemented.

World Health Organization is committed to working with Member States to strengthen cancer prevention and control programmes Region-wide. They account for about 30 per cent of all cancers in children. According to the American Cancer Society, people lose weight at least once when suffering from the disease.

When it comes to mammography, doctors say though it is the best method to detect cancer, it is very expensive.

Cancer remains a major threat to public health across the world that marked Cancer Day on Monday. However, when you know early, cancer is curable.