Android Q Beta 1 released for all Pixel phones; New features revealed

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Keep in mind, this is only the first beta of Android Q, so that's not a surprise at all.

We expected the preview to arrive soon, as it's becoming an annual tradition for the company to release a developer beta of its next version of Android in early March.

We heard rumours earlier in the week that the Android Q Beta will be available on a wide array of devices. The features included will not affect general users until way later, but Google has said the update will bring things like improved privacy controls and native support for foldable phones.

Android Q has also introduced support for the open source video codec AV1, which allows media providers to support better quality audio while using less bandwidth. You can use the Android Emulator and download the latest emulator system images via the SDK Manager in Android studio.

Android Q also gives you more control over apps and what they can access.

Google releases first Android Q beta for Pixel phones

Android Pie is still being rolled out to various smartphones - but that hasn't stopped Google from releasing its next big OS update.

Google expects to offer six Android Q beta releases followed by a final release in Q3 2019. You can run this too on your Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, or Pixel 3 as well. Further, the user will not receive separate monthly security updates while on a beta build. For the uninitiated, Project Strobe is a review of third-party developer access (this includes the likes of Facebook and TrueCaller) to Google account and Android device data. For instructions on flashing your device manually, head here.

As for Android Q's official name, we still have no clue.

There has been more pre-release buzz about the upcoming Android release than usual this year thanks to a leaked build of Android Q several weeks back. With Android Q, "apps will be able to request a Dynamic Depth image which consists of a JPEG, XMP metadata related to depth related elements, and a depth and confidence map embedded in the same file on devices that advertise support". Check for Android Q update by going to Settings System Advanced System updates.

Google is finally revamping the Share menu in Android Q and making it notably faster. You will find more information about these new features in our article dedicated to the new features of Android Q.

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