'Game of Thrones' final season episode lengths revealed

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It makes a certain amount of sense that the first two episodes could be moving pieces around on the chessboard to get everyone in place for that huge episode, and then for the remainder of the season to keep that momentum going with mega-long run times as the show hurtles toward its series finale.

I mean, look at the number of people who watched the season's official trailer.

After fan site Winter Is Coming noticed HBO has already posted two Game of Thrones Season 8 episodes to its programming schedule, a commenter pointed out that simply modifying the URL uncovered listings for future episodes as well. Now, the comfort of long episodes making up for it is now gone.

Game of Thrones is surely the most popular series of recent years so there are big expectations for its final series - and a lot of pressure on the show's creators to deliver a good ending. The second episode, airing on April 21, will be 58 minutes.

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Still at a total of 6 hours 50 minutes, season eight is still the shortest of the seven seasons, undercutting season seven by half an hour.

Last November, "GOT" director David Nutter revealed that all six episodes in the upcoming season of the hit HBO show will have a run time of over an hour.

The season launches April 14 on HBO.

HBO is extremely paranoid about anything leaking about the show ever since the first 4 episodes leaked online during the 5th season that was traced back to DVD screeners usually sent to American TV critics, although it wasn't a TV critic who leaked the episodes.