Jack Knox: Politicians see daylight on ending time changes

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We lost an hour of sleep last night. It's probably with your missing auto keys, or Trudeau's re-election chances.

But in 2010, the ten Mexican municipalities which share a border with the United States started to observe daylight saving time three weeks earlier, on the second Sunday in March and end on the first Sunday in November. It feels like it happened yesterday.

Until April of 2010, Nuevo Vallarta and the state of Nayarit were one hour earlier than Puerto Vallarta and the state of Jalisco.

A glimmer of light is on the horizon, though.

On Thursday, British Columbia Premier John Horgan sent a letter to the governors of Washington, Oregon and California about bills each of the states are considering, writing that 'a change in any of these jurisdictions in our time zone would have significant impacts on British Columbia'. "This would require one more", said Dr. Severin Borenstein with the Hass School of Business. "I think we'll see a reduction in crime". (Pause to consider how this concept might apply to the 13 municipalities of Dysfunction-By-The-Sea).

India asks Pakistan for concrete crackdown on terror groups:The Asahi Shimbun
On the other hand, India's High Commissioner to Pakistan Ajay Bisaria has also reached Islamabad . Interestingly, only four Chinese nationals opted to take up Pakistani citizenship.

"Making sure you have working alarms in your home this weekend is what we like to call daylight "safety" time", said Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent Fire and Emergency Services (CKFES) Public Educator Whitney Burk. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., on Wednesday reintroduced a bill to make daylight saving time a year-round reality across the country, with no more biannual time changes.

STANDARD TIME: If we kept things standard throughout the entire year, we'd have 267 days with sunrises before 7 a.m. Sounds great, right?

Ben Franklin is often credited with the idea of Daylight saving time. Either way, the new task force won't be done until after we "spring forward" in 2020. Everybody scoffed at Willett until 1916, when they changed their minds, which would have been wonderfully satisfying for him had he not died (or fallen back) in 1915. The Englishman published the 1907 brochure "The Waste of Daylight" and spent much of his personal fortune evangelizing with missionary zeal for the adoption of "summer time".

"The challenge is to keep healthy sleep habits throughout the year, and this is the message for me that is the most important", Carrier, who is also the director of the Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network and a professor at the University of Montreal, said.