Maduro's Military Detains, Releases U.S. Reporter and Aide

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He told reporters in Berlin on that "there was information that he (Guaido) was meant to be arrested there, and I think the presence of various ambassadors contributed to helping prevent this arrest".

Germany, the United States and more than 50 other countries have recognized Guaido as Venezuela's interim leader in the wake of an election a year ago riddled with irregularities in which Maduro claimed a second term.

Kriener had helped to try to bring humanitarian aid to the country, Guaido said in a speech to opposition lawmakers, adding: "It seems that the Maduro regime does not forgive anyone who wants to help Venezuela".

He added that Germany will continue to recognize Guaido as Venezuela's legitimate interim president and support him in holding fresh elections.

The measures imposed in January include sweeping sanctions on Venezuela's state-owned oil firm PDVSA, created to severely curb its crude exports to the USA, its top client.

Waiting for Guaido at the country's main airport, Kriener spoke to media and said he hoped the leader of the National Assembly would have a safe return.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that kicking Kriener out only "aggravates the situation".

Weddle, a Virginia native, has been living and working in Venezuela since 2014, according to WPLG.

Dozens of counties, including the US and Canada, have recognized Guaido as Venezuela's legitimate leader.

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Ramos, one of the most influential Spanish-speaking journalists, said Maduro cut short the interview after 17 minutes when he was shown video on an iPad shot a day earlier of young Venezuelans eating food scraps out of the back of a garbage truck.

Guaido said Kriener's expulsion will be seen "as a threat to the free world".

The United States yesterday demanded the immediate release of an American journalist, Cody Weddle, who was reportedly arrested by Venezuelan military intelligence in an early morning raid on his Caracas home.

Breier said the State Department was "aware of and deeply concerned" by the reports of Weddle's detainment.

"They wanted to know about the work I did, who I worked with". Weddle is to be deported on Thursday, the union said.

The move brings to more than 250 the number of Venezuelans targeted by USA visa bans, a State Department official told AFP. Kriener and other diplomats greeted opposition leader Juan Guaido when he returned to Venezuela on Monday and vowed to intensify his campaign to topple the Maduro government.

White House national security adviser John Bolton announced that the USA was "putting foreign financial institutions on notice that they will face sanctions for being involved in facilitating illegitimate transactions that benefit Nicolas Maduro and his corrupt network".

But Mr Maduro, a 55-year-old former bus driver and foreign minister, still has powerful backers at home and overseas, namely the Venezuelan armed forces and Russian Federation and China, which have both urged non-interference in the country's internal affairs.

White House national security advisor John Bolton told Fox Business Network: "We're looking at new sanctions, new measures to tighten our grip on Mr Maduro's financial wherewithal, to deny his regime the money that they need to stay in power".