Pres. Trump budget calls for return to 'fiscal sanity'

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The initial rollout lacks details on individual programs, which are anticipated to be delivered later this month. "It has no chance in the House", House Budget Chairman John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) said ahead of the document's release.

Non-defense spending was held below those caps, thanks to steep proposed funding cuts to the State Department (23 percent) and Environmental Protection Agency (31 percent), among others.

The Trump administration is using a war contingency fund as a means to get around the defence budget limit, which legislators have already derided as a budget gimmick.

The deficit is projected to hit $1.1 trillion in the 2020 fiscal year, the highest in a decade.

Trump has yet to confirm the demand, although Reuters and other publications reported the appropriations would be included in the budget proposal the White House is scheduled to unveil Monday. "This budget will balance in 15 years".

But Kudlow said he was not anxious by some predictions the American economy will only advance a little in the first three months of this year and not much more than 2 percent this year.

The administration will invest more than $80 billion for veterans services, a almost 10 per cent increase from current levels, including "significant" investments in rehabilitation, employment assistance and suicide prevention. Indeed, bipartisan spending increases are a reckless way to govern when the country is more than $22 trillion in debt, and so Trump deserves some credit for attempting to reduce spending in some areas.

Top Democrats reacted swiftly to reports that Trump was seeking more money for the wall, reflecting how they are girding for the fight and believe that public sentiment is on their side.

The White House proposal on military pay matches the 3.1 percent increase indicated in the U.S. Employment Cost Index (ECI) of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) that serves by statute as the major guideline for military pay.

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The request would support implementation of a law Trump signed previous year to give veterans more freedom to see doctors outside the troubled VA system, a major shift aimed at reducing wait times and improving care by steering more patients to the private sector.

Veterans Affairs medical care requirements would get $80.2 billion under the Trump 2020 budget.

Even with the stiff congressional opposition, Trump's new budget request shows that he plans to continue fighting on the issue in the coming months.

The one-time allocation is championed by the president's daughter Ivanka Trump, who has focused on economic advancement for women in her role as a White House adviser.

President Donald Trump's pursuit of funding for his border wall will only lead to another government shutdown, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) warned on Sunday.

The budget asks for $USD8.6 billion to build a wall on the southern border of the United States, which includes a $USD5 billion request for the Department of Homeland Security and $USD3.6 billion for the Pentagon's military construction budget.

President Trump will set out a budget today to slash domestic spending while finding billions of new dollars for the wall he wants along the Mexican border. With Pentagon officials and private researchers talking up the supposed threat of China and Russian Federation, the budget promises to fund "strategic competition" with the two burgeoning superpowers, as well as efforts to deter North Korea and Iran and counter global terrorism. That includes $USD314 million to hire an additional 1,000 ICE law enforcement officers.

Speaking on CNBC, Vought confirmed that the $8.6bn border request was part of Trump's blueprint for the 2020 budget year, which begins on 1 October.

Kudlow says "there's no reason to obsess" about the budget deficit, even as it approaches $1 trillion, as long as it remains below 5 percent of the overall economy.