Students around the world begin climate change walkout

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The protest movement has now spread across the world, with walkouts being held in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and today the US, as well as more than 100 other countries across the globe.

In Rome, thousands of students began their protest at the Colosseum before marching through the city's historic center.

"For the European elections in May, we're urging everyone to think about whether they want to give their vote to a party that doesn't have a plan for the future and the climate", she said.

Strikes seeking global action against climate change are expected in 1,659 towns and cities in 105 countries on Friday, involving hundreds of thousands of young people, the Guardian reported. The school board said the the schools would not close because of the strike, but that the situation would be reevaluated in the afternoon.

"There is nothing happening about this in Derry", she said.

Greta Thunberg, in August past year, became the face of a "school strike" outside the Swedish parliament building.

Rachel Gurevich, a 14-year-old student at East Brunswick's Churchill Junior High and one of the organizers of the Morristown strike, said she was hopeful that the global protests would push policymakers to take action.

Another, directed at Alabama's pro-life legislators, read "You fight so hard for us to have babies".

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"Here in France, we have already been striking every Friday for four weeks".

- In Berlin, police said as many as 20,000 protesters, majority young students, gathered in a downtown square, waving signs with slogans such as "March now or swim later" and "Climate Protection Report Card: F", before marching through the capital's government quarter with a stop in front of Chancellor Angela Merkel's office.

The girls are co-hosting the Ottawa event through their new youth-led climate group called The Future is Rising Ottawa.

The children have been chanting: "What do we want?" "Why go to school if we won't have a future?" asked U.S. Youth Climate Strike leader Alexandria Villasenor in an interview with the Nation. The report laid out the potentially devastating effects that could come from the Earth warming just 1.5 degrees celsius.

"It is not enough to talk on the margins about solving climate change", said former gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed. "We are striking because our world leaders have yet to acknowledge, prioritize or properly address our climate crisis".

"We have nominated Greta because the climate threat may be one of the most important causes of war and conflict", parliamentary representative Freddy Andre Oevstegaard told Norwegian media outlet VG.

The teens are demanding that elected officials support the Green New Deal, stop all fossil fuel infrastructure projects, make decisions based on scientific facts, declare a national emergency on climate change, require climate change to be incorporated in K-8 education, preserve public land and wildlife, and protect the water supply.