Supreme Court rules against immigrants in detention case

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The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Trump administration Tuesday, allowing federal officials to detain and deport illegal immigrants after they have served their time in the US for other crimes.

A U.S. Court of Appeals panel called the Beltway shootings "the most heinous, random acts of premeditated violence conceivable, destroying lives and families and terrorizing the entire Washington D.C., metropolitan area for over six weeks, instilling mortal fear daily in the citizens of that community". Arguing on their behalf, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said the government can only detain noncitizens with criminal records within 24 hours of their release from prison.

"The framers [of the Constitution] didn't intend for justices to sit on the Supreme Court for 40 or 50 years", said Dershowitz.

"In fact, both cut the other way", he wrote, joined in the outcome by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justices Clarence Thomas, Neil M. Gorsuch and Brett M. Kavanaugh. Justices Steven Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan dissented.

Justice Stephen Breyer dissented, saying that when Congress enacted the law it "did not intend to allow the government to apprehend persons years after their release from prison and hold them indefinitely without a bail hearing".

A deeply divided Supreme Court ruled that immigration authorities can detain noncitizens for possible deportation long after they serve prison sentences for criminal convictions.

Senators Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand told Politico they would not rule out dramatic changes to the Supreme Court, including adding seats or instituting term limits.

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Alito noted that the court repeatedly has said in the past that "an official's crucial duties are better carried out late than never", Reuters reported.

Under federal immigration law, immigrants convicted of certain offenses are subject to mandatory detention during their deportation process.

The majority found: "Aliens who are arrested because they are believed to be deportable may generally apply for release on bond or parole while the question of their removal is being decided", the court said. Almost two years later, federal authorities picked him up for deportation and he was detained for more than six months before a judge said he could be released.

The Supreme Court sided with the Trump administration Tuesday in a dispute over the federal government's power to arrest noncitizens who commit crimes and hold them in immigration jails before a deportation proceeding.

Supreme Court justices are again considering how to keep prosecutors from removing African-Americans from criminal juries for racially biased reasons, this time in a case involving a MS death row inmate who has been tried six times for murder. "We will continue to fight the gross overuse of detention in the immigration system".

The case is 16-1363 Nielsen v. Preap.