Two new Nintendo Switch consoles on the way

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With your average console lifecycle floating around the five or six year mark, an announcement this summer to be followed by a winter release would see Nintendo on par for a mid-generation console refresh.

The premium version is said to be "high-performance and high-specs" so may come with more storage and a slightly better CPU, but it still won't be near the specs of a PS4 or Xbox One. In order to drive the cost down, Nintendo will remove several features of the original Switch, such as HD Rumble, which was mentioned in the WSJ report.

One of these new Switch models will sport "enhanced" features, and it's designed for "avid" gamers.

WSJ report also pointed out that these new Nintendo Switch variants will be launched at the upcoming E3 in June although market rollout will only take place a few months later.

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More details have surfaced on the two new Nintendo Switch models that Nintendo is reportedly creating. One of the new Nintendo Switch models will be an enhanced and more powerful unit than the current Switch model you can purchase today.

In the far-off distant past of 2017, the Nintendo Switch Live Conference touched upon wider support for independent developers and listed a number of indie games to launch on the hybrid console.

Either way, if you've been considering buying a Switch, you might wanna hold off for a few months.

Those who are willing to foot the bill early can preorder and preload Duck Game via the Nintendo Switch eShop right now. Back in January, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said: "We are not considering a successor or a price cut at this time", which seems pretty conclusive, doesn't it? It sold more than 32 million consoles worldwide in under two years, which is more than double the lifetime sales figure of the Wii U.