US Rep. Devin Nunes sues Twitter, users for defamation and negligence

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One of the accounts, known as Devin Nunes' Cow, saw its followers on Twitter swell from just over a thousand to more than 119,000 in less than a day after the Republican congressman from Tulare announced his lawsuit on Fox News.

The Congressman and former chair of the House Intelligence Committee filed the suit in Virginia state court accusing the social media giant of "negligence, defamation per se, insulting words, and civil conspiracy".

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In the lawsuit, Nunes accused Twitter of "shadow-banning" conservatives such as himself, while "facilitating defamation on its platform" by "ignoring lawful complaints about offensive content and by allowing that content to remain accessible to the public" even if it allegedly violated the site's terms of service or rules.

Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey has come under fire from politicians in recent years, including United States president Donald Trump, for censoring conservative voices.

In the lawsuit against Twitter and a handful of users, the California Republican claims to be the victim of vicious internet trolls, as well as the victim of selective censorship by the social media company.

Next, Nunes took aim at the Twitter account impersonating his mom.

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On "Hannity", Nunes said the lawsuit against Twitter was "the first of many" to come.

"So if they're going to do that, then either own up to it and play big boy ball, which means you file all the reports or else let them be governed by the government", said the conservative commentator.

'Facebook, Google and Twitter, not to mention the Corrupt Media, are sooo on the side of the Radical Left Democrats.

Rep. Devin Nunes has sued Twitter for defamation, along with a few users who have tweeted unfavorable things about him.

"During his last re-election for the 22nd Congressional District, Nunes endured an orchestrated defamation campaign of stunning breadth and scope, one that no human being should ever have to bear and suffer in their whole life", the suit claims.

Nunes alleges in the complaint that he was defamed by tweets that claimed he was "the most despicably craven GOP public official", an "unscrupulous, craven, back-stabbing, charlatan and traitor", and was voted "Most Likely to Commit Treason" in high school, among numerous other epithets. The lawsuit alleges that Nunes tweets were shadow-banned by Twitter, "to restrict his free speech and to amplify the abusive and hateful content published", by the named accounts defaming him. But fear not, we will win anyway, just like we did before!' Trump tweeted. "Twitter's actions affected the election results", the lawsuit continued.