Xbox One S All-Digital release date, pricing and feature rumours

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According to the leaks, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition looks almost identical to the existing Xbox One S. The white, box-shaped console will be half-glossy and half-pin spotted and will sit on a black box-shaped base.

Unfortunately, this report doesn't give us any insight into pricing, though $199 does seem to be the sweet spot when you consider that the Xbox One S is normally priced at $299.

Microsoft briefly showcased its Project xCloud game streaming service last week during its Inside Xbox live stream, but the short demo left us hungry for more.

When will the disc-less Xbox One S be released?

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Microsoft is making a digital-only Xbox that's designed as a low-priced gateway to its lucrative services, and sources say it'll release in May. The system will come with a 1TB hard drive and three first-party games that're all designed for long-term monetization: Forza Horizon 3, Sea of Thieves, and Minecraft.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is widely-tipped to ship with some titles preinstalled, with customers able to pick from a range of games during the online check-out process. A few hours ago Windows Central provided some more information about the upcoming console release, and shared some box art.

It's early days to discuss features coming to the new Disc-less Xbox One S, but obviously it's going to be minus a Blu-ray drive. As such, if you're contemplating buying an Xbox, it'd probably be best to wait it out and see what Microsoft has to announce. Now, according to a report by Windows Central, the likely date for the disc-less Xbox One S All-Digital Edition launch could be May 7, 2019, after it's revealed at the Inside Xbox event. Per documents obtained by the site, the Xbox One S All-Digital is said to be nearly identical to the Xbox One S, in both dimensions and general design.