A tiger attacked a zookeeper at the zoo in Topeka, Kansas

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A male Sumatran tiger at a zoo in Topeka, Kansas attacked and seriously injured a staff member on Saturday morning.

Hadfield said she could not speak to the fate of Sanjiv, who arrived at the zoo in 2017, but said there was no plan the euthanize the tiger at this point.

A tiger mauled a worker at England's Hamerton Zoo Park in 2017, and a year ago a zoo worker in the Japanese city of Kagoshima was killed by a tiger, according to media reports. A spokeswoman for the City of Topeka previously told CNN that woman was "awake and alert" at the time she was taken to the hospital.

"While this incident is very unfortunate", Wiley said, "he did what a wild animal, what a wild tiger does".

Topeka Zoo director Brendan Wiley says the zookeeper suffered lacerations and puncture wounds to her head, neck and back.

"If we need to make updates to our current procedures, we will most certainly do that", Wiley said. It has since reopened with the exception of the tiger enclosure.

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"There was an error there", he added.

"The male Sumatran tiger, Sanjiv, simply reacted the way that is normal for a tiger to do", Wiley said.

Following the incident, the zoo was closed for about 45 minutes, ABC News reported.

The zoo was open and the attack was witnessed by some people.

Topeka Police are responding to the Topeka Zoo Saturday morning after reports of one person being attacked by a tiger.

The other tigers at the zoo were kept in holding, where they will be for the rest of the day, Hadfield said.