AG Barr Briefs Congress on Mueller-Report Redactions

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U.S. Attorney General William Barr told a House subcommittee on Tuesday morning that the report submitted to the Justice Department by Special Counsel Robert Mueller would likely be made available to both Congress and the public "within the week".

At Tuesday's House hearing, Barr said he expected to release a redacted version of the Mueller report within a week, with plans to color-code redactions and provide an explanation for why material was not released publicly.

Barr is set to return to the House and Senate for hearings focused on the Mueller investigation. A separate investigation is being conducted by the Justice Department inspector general into the early days of the FBI's Russian Federation probe, which Barr said he expects to conclude sometime around May or June.

Barr served previously as attorney general in the early 1990s, in the George H.W. Bush administration. Barr responded, "I've said what I'm going to say about the report", effectively refusing to answer the question until after the full report is released to Congress.

"That's great news he's looking into how this whole thing started back in 2016", Rep. Jim Jordan of OH, the top Republican on the House Oversight and Reform Committee, said Tuesday of Barr's interest in the issue.

The chairman of the Ways and Means subcommittee, Democrat Jose Serrano, told Barr there were "serious concerns about the process by which you formulated your letter; and uncertainty about when we can expect to see the full report".

Barr, now 68, is "not afraid to make decisions that fall into his areas of responsibility", said George Terwilliger, who served as Barr's deputy during his first stint as attorney general under President George H.W. Bush.

Some investigators on Mueller's team were reportedly concerned that the DOJ chief's characterization of the investigation's results portrayed them as more favorable toward Trump than they actually are.

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"You're darn right I'm going after them again", Giuliani told the Associated Press of Mueller's team. Barr's letter, for instance, hinted that there would be at least one unknown action by the president that Mueller examined as a possible act of obstruction.

Representative Robert Aderholt of Alabama, the subcommittee's top Republican, said it was unfortunate that "so numerous questions here this morning are going toward a "grassy knoll" conspiracy theory regarding the Mueller report".

But Barr sparred with House Democrats who pressed him on why he would not release grand jury material or provide the full, unredacted Mueller report to Congress. "I also think there may be, under appropriate safeguard, a way of people verifying that these categories were not abused, and at the end of the day, that the information is bona fide, privacy-related information and so forth, I'm willing to work with the Judiciary Committees on that".

CHANG: That is a redacted version of the special counsel's report on the Russian Federation investigation.

Trump has said he will not use a legal doctrine called executive privilege, which allows a president to withhold information about internal executive branch deliberations from other branches of government, to block portions of the report.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., tweeted that Barr's comments "directly contradict" what the Justice Department previously had said, and he said he had requested a briefing from the department.

"It's hard to have that discussion without the contents of the report, isn't it, and that's why I'm suggesting that we wait until the report is out, and I'm glad to talk to people after then, and I'm already scheduled to testify about that", he said.