Female zoo keeper attacked by tiger at Topeka Zoo

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A zookeeper was injured on Saturday morning after being attacked by a Sumatran tiger at the Topeka Zoo.

While a city official say the animal and the zookeeper were in the "same space", she could not specify what caused the attack. The zoo closed, then reopened about 45 minutes after the attack, which officials were investigating.

The zoo's director, Brendan Wiley, said the zoo's primary keeper is in stable condition.

They say this type of attack has never happened at the zoo before, and they will use this incident in future safety protocol. Nearby staff members responded to the scene to secure the tigers, and an official made the decision to temporarily close the zoo.

"Lacerations and punctures to the back of the head, neck, back and one of her arms", Wiley told The Star Saturday afternoon. A firearms response team also was dispatched to the tiger exhibit, but zookeepers had successfully lured the tiger away by the time it arrived.

"They're definitely not supposed to be in the same area at the same time", Wiley said.

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Wiley went on to share that despite the "unfortunate incident", Sanjiv, who recently fathered 4 cubs, would not be euthanized.

Topeka Zoo spokeswoman Molly Hadfield said: "Right now we're still evaluating, the tigers are in holding".

Sanjiv the Sumatran tiger prior to her move to the Topeka Zoo.

Sumatran tigers normally weight between 165 and 308 pounds.

Some zoos participate in Sumatran tiger conservation programs created to save the species, but these efforts are not always successful.

Reporter Shawn Wheat said: "First responders are responding to the Topeka Zoo for a tiger attack".