Google Play Store 14.7.50 Download Available with New Tricks

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The company is doing its best to release even minor updates with performance enhancements and bug fixes pretty often so it makes every user's experience on the app as enjoyable as they can.

Whether you have an Android or an iOS phone, every time you say "Hey Google, tell me a story", the Assistant tells you a tale.

An unknown number of users are now unable to buy any new apps and can't even download updates because of a bug in Apple's iOS App Store.

Some users report that they are not able to buy new apps or download updates to existing ones through the App Store. However, you can install the Google Play Store 14.7.50 on your device right now, but first you'll have to go to Settings and enable the Unknown Sources option.

Move Minutes are built up by, well, moving.

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Move Minutes encourages you to haul yourself off the couch and get active, hopefully prompting little changes to your daily routine like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Heart Points are awarded for more intense sessions of physical activity and when you're really getting that heart pumping.

Apps that you have connected to Apple Health will sync to Google Fit so you can capture and use that data on your preferred system while also trying out Google Fit to see if these two metrics resonate with the way you monitor and track your activity.

At this point, however, Google Fit on iOS is mostly a silo for collecting and displaying data, and while there's an option to manually enter workouts and weigh-ins, it doesn't provide any ability to directly track activity data. It's also available on the iPad as well.

At the end of the day, all this means is that more people can use Google Fit now.