Massive 17-foot python with 73 eggs captured in south Florida preserve

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The South Florida Water Management District said that female measured 17 feet, 1 inch long and weighed 132 pounds.

Male pythons are tagged with radio transmitters, allowing researchers to track the male as it moves toward breeding females.

The "new approach" that led to the capture of this enormous python involves outfitting male pythons with radio transmitters.

A 17-foot-long female python, the largest ever captured at Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida's Everglades, took four people to hold it.

The python population is thought to originate from pets released by owners when they got too large, and has been growing since the 1980s, while a breeding facility destroyed by Hurricane Andrew in 1992 also contributed.

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Most of the pythons that have been found in the Everglades are between 6 and 10 feet long - with the largest one measured at over 18 feet long and weighing more than 100 pounds, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Once female pythons are found, they are removed from the area in order to control the invasive species, since they could be threatening to native wildlife.

The story said the snake was removed from the park but did not specify what researchers did with it.

Python hunters continue to remove invasive snakes from Florida, and they seem to be getting bigger.

The Facebook post said they have been able to locate and remove several breeding female pythons over the past few months. Your information will be used in fighting this invasive species.

The team said it collects data, comes with new removal tools and learns about how the snakes are using the reserve.