Why Easter Sunday is important for Christians across the world

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The governor said incidents of insurgency, banditry, armed robbery, kidnapping, corruption and many other crimes bedevilling our country could be addressed by prayers as well as inculcating in the youth the right Christian doctrines at early age.

"At Easter, we are reminded of God's unconditional love for His children, which was so strong that His Son had to die for mankind to be reconciled with God".

"We must emulate Jesus and live sacrificially; our leaders must similarly make sacrifice for the people, no leadership has legitimacy if it doesn't make sacrifice and serve citizens".

Christians worldwide have celebrated Easter for centuries, commemorating the day on whic Jesus Christ is believed to have risen.

"Easter Sunday changes the history of humanity, for the righteous, death is a mere passageway, not the end, death will not have the final word, but love and God will; Jesus conquered the devil, death, sin and darkness".

It is also an opportunity to recognize the foundational contributions Christian Canadians of all backgrounds have and continue to make in Canada.

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He noted, "Jesus Christ lived a life of dedicated and selfless service, tolerance, love, peace, simplicity, humility and sacrifice".

"The refugee crisis is a moral test. Jesus taught us to respect refugees", he said.

It's Easter Sunday, and when all is said and done and everybody is done hunting Easter eggs and overindulging on jellybeans and Easter candy, the day is really about celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Orthodox Christians will mark this important holiday, with its promise of hope and renewal, on April 28.

Without exception, Jesus's close followers urged him to avoid the suffering of the cross, seeing it only as a sign of shameful failure and disaster.

"As Government, we recognise the difficulties being faced by Kenyans faced with drought in parts of the country and assure that we are working to mitigate the situation", he said.

"Kidnapping, increasing wave of armed robbery and resurgence of insurgency coupled with relentless attacks by ethnic militia men are a great concern for patriotic Nigerians and an embarrassment to the nation. I will spend Easter as I do every year, giving thanks in church".