Amazon updates Alexa features amid privacy concerns, calls for investigation

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In addition to the smaller screen, Amazon has made a few other changes to the design of the Echo Show 5.

If you're interested in the Echo Show 5, it's available in Charcoal and Sandstone for $90. That's more of a transparency effort than a tool for controlling Alexa, with Amazon setting out to undo some potential assumptions people might have about when the assistant is listening to them, how Echo speakers work, and what is being saved in the cloud.

'Simply say, "Alexa, delete everything I said today" and the respective recordings will be deleted, ' Amazon said.

Want an Echo Show to watch TV with and stream music?

Following in the footsteps of previous Echo Show devices, the new smart home gadget sports a touchscreen to display extra information whenever voice assistant Alexa answers one of your questions, queries, or requests.

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Amazon just ratcheted up the pressure on Google in a major way. "The compact form factor is flawless for a bedside table or desk, plus it has a camera shutter for added peace of mind, and new Alexa privacy features that are coming soon to the United Kingdom for even more control".

The device does address Alexa privacy concerns - there's a shutter to close off the front-facing HD camera. It will become available on June 26, Amazon says. Use your favorite photos on the home screen.

It should sound great too, if it delivers the "rich and full sound" Amazon promises, whether you're watching music videos on Vevo, or playing songs on Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, or Pandora.

Amazon's answer is a physical shutter for the camera of the Echo Show 5, which can be used to cover the camera even while the microphone stays on. Or listen to radio stations, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Previously, Alexa users had to log in to Amazon or use the Alexa app to access and delete their log of voice recordings. But for everywhere else - like a study or living room - you might have Echo Show 5 instead. The new feature, announced Wednesday alongside a new Echo Show, forgoes the need to dig through the Alexa app or navigate Amazon's website to delete the voice recordings kept for each interaction with an Echo device linked to your Amazon account.