British government to put forward Brexit bill in June

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15,001 people voted in's poll on May 15, they were asked: "Should Theresa May quit Brexit talks with Labour now?"

Speaking to Iain Dale, she said: "She's just trying to remain leader of the Conservative Party and hope that something's going to turn up".

Labour said Mr Corbyn set out opposition's concerns about the Prime Minister's ability to deliver on any compromise agreement during his talks with Mrs May, given the uncertainty about her leadership.

Barclay said that would leave parliament with the choice of revoking the decision to leave the European Union or exiting without a deal, the default position if no divorce agreement can be reached.

Blunt's outspoken remarks about the future of his own party have been met with some distaste, with The Times reporting unnamed Conservative members of Parliament who said they would abandon the party if it took support from the Brexit Party in a future Parliament to deliver Brexit.

Labour wants the United Kingdom to remain in the EU customs union in any Brexit scenario.

The opposition is pressing for Britain to be in a permanent post-Brexit customs union and for a guarantee that any agreement can not be ripped up by Mrs May's successor.

May's spokesman declined to say on Wednesday whether the prime minister would resign if she failed again to win parliamentary support for her Brexit deal.

"In particular he raised doubts over the credibility of government commitments, following statements by Conservative MPs and Cabinet ministers seeking to replace the prime minister", his spokesman said.

Labour's likely abstained from voting on Brexit deal could help the PM May's proposal to pass the parliament.

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However, she is under pressure from Brexiteers maneuvering against a compromise with Labour - with some Conservatives eyeing her position.

"You would have lost the loyal middle of the Conservative Party, split our party and with likely nothing to show for it", the letter said.

Asked whether the vote would be considered a "confidence" vote for the Prime Minister, a source said: "That's not the world that we are now in but clearly the significance of this piece of legislation can't and I suspect won't be underestimated".

May has said she will step down once the first phase of Brexit is complete. In a letter to May she wrote that "It will be no good trying to pretend to [voters] that this deal honors the result of the referendum when it is obvious to everyone it doesn't".

May's deal, said Owen Paterson, a former Minister.

"Cabinet agreed to continue discussions with Labour to see what was possible.

Not unless she comes to a deal with us and frankly, the signs are not good". "The draft agreement does not do that".

May, who became prime minister in the chaos that followed the 2016 referendum in which Britons voted 52 per cent to 48 per cent to leave the European Union, is under pressure from some of her own MPs to set a date for her departure.

The ongoing Brexit shambles has already brought about enormous damage, which would only be exacerbated if we actually leave the EU.