China denounces US 'rumors' and 'lies' about Huawei ties to Beijing

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The fears of eventually losing updates to the Android operating system and Android apps are turning consumers away from Huawei phones. The company sells tablets and laptops, wearables, and other devices, but it's also one of the three major telecommunications networking equipment providers in the world alongside Ericsson and Nokia.

Washington's restrictions affect products made fully or partially in the United States, where Panasonic manufactures some of the components it supplies to Huawei, the Japanese firm said.

Huawei smartphones had a 14percent share of the Singapore market previous year, according to research firm Canalys.

On the other hand, Aptoide, a third party app store from Portugal may find an opportunity to work with Huawei.

SoftBank's low-priced mobile brand, Ymobile, and other Japanese telcos have said they will delay the launch of Huawei smartphones due to go on sale on Friday.

Last week, President Donald Trump signed an executive order declaring a national emergency over foreign threats against America's information and technology sector.

The Commerce Department has also announced an effective ban on U.S. companies selling or transferring usa technology to Huawei, though it later issued a 90-day reprieve.

Considering the fact that most of Huawei's products rely on American chips and equipment, Washington made a decision to grant the company a 90-day reprieve to get its house in order before the ban fully kicks in.

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Now, if the ban continues in the future, it is possible that Huawei might be able to handle the software part.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo yesterday accused Huawei's CEO of lying about its alleged ties to the Chinese government, arguing that the tech giant is required by Chinese law to cooperate with it. ARM said in an internal company memo that its designs contain technology of U.S. origin, according to a BBC report, which explains why the company would comply with the ban.

The company does make its own chips to power its phones, thanks to its HiSilicon semiconductor company.

"We are pausing pre-orders for the Huawei Mate 20X in the UK,"said a spokesperson".

"Panasonic announced in [an] internal notification that it should suspend transactions with Huawei and its 68 affiliates that were banned by the United States government", the firm said in a statement.

Another big name carrier in the UK, EE, had also delayed the efforts to push out Huawei's latest products as a result.

Huawei said in response that it recognised "the pressure" placed on its suppliers, and that it was "confident this regrettable situation can be resolved".

Panasonic Corp (OTC: PCRFY) said on Friday that it has not stopped shipping components to Huawei Technologies, a day after the Company originally called for a halt of transactions in line with the US blacklist bank, according to Reuters.