China talks break up after Trump administration raises tariffs

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US stock indexes, which opened sharply lower on Friday, reversed course and were in mostly positive territory in late afternoon trading in NY.

After the talks ended, U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted Friday that the relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping remains "a very strong one" and that conversations "will continue" but that the imposing tariffs on China which "may or may not be removed". In the middle of them, the USA followed through on Trump's decision to raise tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods in retaliation for China attempting to reneg on earlier commitments to reform its economic policies.

Liu and China's President Xi Jinping can not be seen as giving in too much with trade concessions to the United States in fear of triggering comparisons to past "unequal treaties" forced on China in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Wisconsin Congressman Ron Kind (D-WI) says China is cheating nearly every country in the world and says President Trump should partner with other countries to take on China as a group. China is the fourth largest export market for US agriculture.

If the US intentions were purely economic and exclusively predicated on rectifying the trade deficit between the two, then it would have been more understanding of the Chinese position, but its leader has instead resorted to publicly spewing insults against his counterparts on social media in what appears to be a fit of rage all because they wanted to ensure that there wouldn't be any unforeseen consequences to their economy if they complied with the proposed terms that were laid out in the deal that they were negotiating at that time. He said the earlier 10 percent increase was absorbed by companies and offset by a weakening of the Chinese currency's exchange rate.

"Talks with China continue in a very congenial manner - there is absolutely no need to rush - as Tariffs are NOW being paid to the United States by China of 25 per cent on 250 Billion Dollars worth of goods & products".

Perdue said last month when the United States and China looked to be making progress toward a trade deal the Mr Trump administration did not have plans to provide farmers with more aid.

He says that the auto industry "shares the goals of the negotiations to make much needed changes on the way China does business, but there are other tools to get that done that will not impact American auto workers". "These massive payments go directly to the Treasury of the US", he posted.

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"A major rift between the US and China is that they see "fairness" differently". That represents a grace period during which USA and Chinese negotiators could still reach a deal. USA consumers and businesses get electronics, furniture, clothing and other goods in return for their money. The next consultations are set to take place in Beijing, but the timing is not yet clear.

Ford spokeswoman Rachel McCleery said the auto company is most concerned about any retaliatory tariffs China might impose.

Liu said he was cautiously optimistic.

Trump said he also received "a handsome letter" from Chinese President Xi Jinping that expressed a sentiment of "let's work together". Even so, it's not China's fault for what happened because the USA took the totally wrong approach to the negotiations from the get-go.

China wants tariffs lifted as soon as an agreement is reached, while USA officials want to keep them as leverage to ensure compliance.

Kind said the president's one-on-one trade war approach is making it easier for China to hurt Wisconsinites.

"If we get to a completed agreement it will have real enforcement provisions", he said at the time.