European Union elections: Tories sink to fifth in London, poll shows

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For those, like me, who believe the EU is important, it is critical that we fill the European parliament with as many MEPs committed to Labour values as possible, and not let it be occupied by those who wish to divide and spread hatred. Senior Conservatives want May to set out her plans this week.

"We can not ever allow again a great democratic exercise like this to be railroaded aside by career politicians of the Labour and Tory parties".

Education Secretary Damian Hinds told the BBC Sunday there's no doubt that the May 23 European Union elections in Britain will be hard for Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservatives.

But there was a bump yesterday when Nigel Farage had a row on the BBC with Andrew Marr after he accused them of being pro-Remain.

The Prime Minister has indicated she will stand down once her Brexit deal gets through, but with significant obstacles to that happening she is under pressure to clarify what she intends to do.

MPs have discussed holding a vote afterwards on whether to change the rules so a second no-confidence ballot can be held.

Nigel Evans, executive secretary of the 1922, said he wanted her to fire the starting gun on the contest to choose a new leader: "I would rather hope that she would say "Sir Graham, you might as well start the process, I know it is going to take a few weeks".

He said: "It would be reasonable to assume that this would fall back in an actual general election campaign, but the fact a party that is less than six months old is now vying with the governing party for second place is remarkable".

Britain ‘will have to take part’ in European Parliament elections - minister
May yesterday reluctantly accepted that Britain will take part in European parliamentary elections on May 23, nearly three years after voting to leave the EU.

36% of respondents were not aware of the Conservative stance and 38% were not aware of Labour's.

"We're fighting a European election in 10 days' time".

Foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt said another vote will be a "betrayal" and described the talks as being in a "crunch week".

Formed earlier this year, the Brexit Party is a pro-Brexit political party which wants to see the United Kingdom leave the European Union without a withdrawal agreement.

The ComRes poll chimes with another recent poll by Opinium, which showed the Brexit Party snapping at the Tories' heels in a Westminster election, where they would be just one point behind. I don't think she needs to say any more about that.

On LBC radio Mr Rees-Mogg, whose sister Annunziata is standing for The Brexit Party, called for Conservative voters to show loyalty even if they did not like Mrs May.

The shadow minister said that "probably 120 if not 150" of the party's 229 MPs could vote against the deal unless it was linked to a second referendum.