Game Of Thrones 8 | Trailer of episode 6 |The Closing

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In the fourth episode of the eighth season of the show, our heroes can be seen celebrating their victory over the White Walkers in Winterfell; drinking crap wine, chewing on chicken legs and literally shitting themselves.

Emilia also posted the below picture on Instagram and captioned it, "This is what it took not only to shoot ep5...but to watch it too!"

Look, maybe Dany just likes lattes, yeah?

In fact she wasn't the only queen at the game, which the Rockets lost 113-118, with none other than Queen Bey also in attendance with her husband Jay-Z.

Daenerys' actions rubbed some viewers the wrong way. Rather, Weiss noted that Dany chose to take that course of action the moment she arrived in the capital city, when she was affronted with the place and the people who took everything away from her. That, honestly, sounds just as fun to me.

Social media users watching "Game of Thrones" were quick to point out an item was out of place in one scene.

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"Alright, Detective Pikachu", she told Fallon.

Anyone else thinks that she's going to die?

The Starbucks coffee cup blooper won't be forgotten anytime soon, after Emilia Clarke was left in a fit of giggles at an National Basketball Association game.

Benioff added that Daenerys may never have become the Mad Queen if her journey to the Iron Throne had played out differently.

Dropping his coffee before bending the knee, Clutch had Clarke chuckling with his show of respect.

Citizens had been pouring into King's Landing as Daenerys' army approached the city. Who would have ever thought we would all be rooting for Sansa? It seems like every episode ever since the third one has been controversial and the penultimate installment is no different. But the most interesting thing happened at the Evening Show. "It's like a nuclear bomb".