PUBG test build pulled in China, replaced with patriotic alternative

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The game is such a complete substitute for Tencent's now-defunct PUBG that, reportedly, the Game for Peace icon automatically replaces PUBG's when downloaded.

Game approvals in China suffered a nine-month hiatus a year ago after an administrative reshuffle in March created a major backlog plus a breakdown in command. Analysts estimate that PUBG Mobile had 70 million daily active players in China before this move. In its place, however, Tencent has released a new game and this one has a much loftier title: Game for Peace. Tencent, which makes two thirds of its revenue from gaming, watched its shares plummet over 30% during the freeze, shedding $180 billion in market value.

Tencent didn't immediately respond to Caixin's questions regarding any possible resumption of "Battlegrounds" and the newer game's commercial potential. Other than the lack of blood and gore, Game for Peace looks and plays nearly exactly like PUBG Mobile, according to its players.

"Despite the simultaneous shut-down of PUBG, direct migration of user data and purchases should lower churn risk", they said in a research note, referring to stemming the loss of users by shifting PUBG data to Game for Peace. "The game play, the background, the graphic design and the characters, they're nearly the same". "The game changed its name and became very socialist to gain approval", said one player, noting how the title pays homage to the Chinese air force.

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"Once I updated [PUBG Mobile] to Game for Peace it returned me back to the same level".

When it comes to games, regulators aren't playing around.

Game for Peace also appears to have been stripped of violent elements like blood and gore, with another player explaining that "when you shoot people, they don't bleed, and the dead get up and wave goodbye".