Trump’s campaign centered on fighting Democrats, not policy

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"I understand why there is growing frustration in the House about stonewalling from President Trump on questions critical to our ability to hold people accountable", Murray said.

"But within this last hour you had a meeting and came out and said I'm engaged in a cover-up; that's not true". "It just doesn't work that way".

Trump said he walked into the room where Sen.

In a second consecutive day of tough words about Trump by the Democratic speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Pelosi accused Trump of obstruction of justice, which she said is an impeachable offence.

Their probes range from whether Trump obstructed justice during Special Counsel Robert Mueller's inquiry into Russian meddling in Trump's favor in the 2016 US presidential election to his personal finances and businesses. I'd be really good at that - that's what I do.

"So get these phony investigations over with", Trump said - warning a failure to do so would spell gridlock on issues like fixing the country's infrastructure, on which the two sides had hoped for a breakthrough on Wednesday.

Repeatedly pressed on why the president seemed unwilling to multitask like other presidents under investigation have done before, Sanders maintained without evidence that, "I think the Democrats have shown that they're not capable of doing anything else".

Sen. Patty Murray said that what we learned from the Mueller Report "could not be more serious or concerning", but stopped short of calling for an impeachment inquiry.

"I don't do coverups", Trump fumed.

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"I'm responding to the president, not staff", Pelosi apparently shot back. "We believe that no one is above the law, including the president of the United States, and we believe that the president of the United States is engaged in a coverup".

White House aides believe that Pelosi can not withstand the clamor from her rank-and-file to impeach Trump, and believe that when Democrats take that step, it will assure Trump's re-election.

Trump is effectively demanding that the Democrats abandon even routine oversight of the executive branch-this under conditions where the Trump administration is engaged in the most aggressive assertion of unchecked executive power in modern USA history. In a brief statement, he said he had told the Democrats that he couldn't work with them "under these circumstances".

In particular, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) talked about a major decision Monday in federal court which was very favorable: the court ruled in favor of that Trump's accountants must abide by a subpoena and begin turning Trump's financial information over to House Democrats as early as next week.

Realistic chances of success would not have been an "Impeachment" against Trump, according to the current state anyway - because deposition of the President of the Senate decides, where trump is the Republicans are in the majority. For most of this period, political power in Washington has been divided between the two corporate-controlled parties, which have regularly combined legislation and investigation.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said on MSNBC that the Republican president is "an erratic, helter-skelter, get-nothing-done" leader.

But Washington's other Democratic members of Congress are more hesitant than Jayapal.

Without ever shaking anyone's hand, or even taking a seat, Trump turned and left the three-minute meeting.

While she raised the issue of obstruction, Pelosi also said House Democrats were not yet prepared to launch formal impeachment proceedings against Trump. The sign said, in part, "No Collusion".