United Kingdom warns Iran of 'consequences' if it retreats from 2015 nuclear deal

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In May 2018 President Donald Trump withdrew the U.S. from the deal and reinstated unilateral economic sanctions.

"Cheating just a little bit is still cheating".

The UK has warned Iran would face "consequences" if it backtracks from the worldwide nuclear agreement signed in 2015, agencies reported.

"Instead of demanding that Iran unilaterally abide by a multilateral accord, European Union should uphold obligations - incl normalization of economic ties", he wrote on Twitter.

What Iran is planning: Under the 2015 deal, Iran was permitted to enrich uranium for peaceful medical research purposes but was required to sell its surplus. He gave Europe 60 days to ensure Iran's interests under the agreement.

Last week, various important officials - including National Security Adviser John Bolton, CIA Director Gina Haspel, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo - met together to discuss matters in Iran. Such a strike would also send world oil prices soaring and enable Iran to get more income from its oil sales, the report added.

We reject any ultimatums and will assess Iran's compliance on the basis of Iran's performance regarding its nuclear-related commitments under the [nuclear deal] and the [Nonproliferation of Weapons Treaty], the parties said in a joint statement. "China will maintain communication with all parties concerned and continue to work toward upholding and implementing the agreement".

"I want them to be strong and great, to have a great economy", Trump said, adding that "we can make a fair deal".

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Is the pressure working?

The EU has also introduced a so-called "blocking statute" protecting European companies from the effects of USA sanctions, but many global corporations do more business in the United States than in Iran and have already severed ties there rather than risk running afoul of Washington.

The moves have frightened some European allies as well as President Donald Trump's Democratic rivals, who fear the administration is pushing for war based on overhyped intelligence.

He listed, among other consequences, the effective expulsion of Iran from the SWIFT worldwide financial messaging system and the admission by Hezbollah, Iran's ally in Lebanon, that it is starved for cash.

Israel has warned the USA that Iran is contemplating targeting Saudi oil production facilities, an Israeli TV report said Friday night, as tensions between Tehran and the Trump Administration soar.

What happens next? Someone blinks. He cited, but did not define, "troubling and escalatory indications and warnings" from Iran.

The Iranian regime arranged marches on Friday to create the image of widespread public support for the government to begin reneging on major provisions of the JCPOA.

Trump, reportedly wary of Bolton's overseas interventionism, might want to replicate his direct overtures to North Korea by talking directly with Iran. But he told reporters at the White House that he wants the Iranian leadership to contact him.