What will Google call Android Q? We have some ideas

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For customers with older phones looking to avoid the hefty price of Apple's newest iPhones - the more "affordable" XR costs $700 - its offer could be exactly the push they need to make the leap to Android device.

The emojis are added under the Android Q Beta and available for Google devices only. The company will also accept phones from Huawei, Samsung, Motorla, and LG as well as older models of Pixels. The Pixel 3a's camera app comes loaded with Portrait mode, Night Sight, and Motion Auto Focus, In short, the 3a's camera will compete with the likes of the Galaxy S10 and iPhone XS, flagship devices costing three times as much as the $399 Pixel 3a.

Google adds that if you have a vehicle with a wider screen, Android Auto will now maximize your display to show you more information, like next-turn directions, playback controls and ongoing calls. Older data will be automatically deleted from a user's account.

A new dedicated privacy section in the settings app will provide users with all of their controls in one place. Additionally, users also have control over pausing and stopping the video whenever they want. Having you swipe from the left or right edge of your phone, like Xiaomi does, to go back.

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However, if you're an Apple user, you won't be able to view these emoji if they're sent by an Android user.

A new dark mode will be included for people who dislike seeing the bright white light of the background. So it's an important gesture to have on Android and one that will be used a lot. So you'll get Android Q later this year, Android R next year, and maybe even Android S, with security updates all the way until 2022. But that also gets in the way of swiping open the hamburger menu in most apps.

NEW YORK, May 10 ― In an interview with Fast Company, the creative director of Google's emoji programme announced that the company is launching 53 new gender fluid emoji this week for Pixel phones as part of a beta release.

It is unclear how competitors will respond to the features included in Q.