Arizona helicopter rescue gurney carrying woman, 74, spins uncontrollably midair

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The 74-year-old woman had slipped and hit the ground while on the summit trail of the 2,612-foot mountain, injuring her head and face, Phoenix Fire Captain Bobby Dubnow explained.

Officials said the woman suffered no ill effects from the spinning apart from some minor dizziness and nausea.

"We were doing a rescue, a hoist rescue, we do a lot of them, it was a normal rescue", he said.

Air turbulence began to rapidly spin a female hiker as she dangled in a basket attached to a rescue helicopter. "Today, it didn't", lead pilot Paul Apolinar said.

A helicopter rescue turned into a terrifying ride for an elderly woman airlifted from an Arizona hiking trail on Tuesday.

She was dizzy and nauseous after her rescue but had no additional injuries, according to CNN. One you probably actually see in the video is when they start to lower the load, it actually does start to stop.

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The crew said a second line meant to prevent the spinning broke.

Pilots said that the rescue basket would rotate now and then, but the line, which is created to prevent it from windmilling, didn't work this time.

"We're not trying to minimize what happened up there", Dubnow said. "And then we slowly brought it back up, it gets into the same downwash from the aircraft and it started to spin again".

So, now that we know that she's FINE, probably just a little dizzy, let's all go to hell and enjoy just how fucking amusing this rapidly spinning lady is.

Members of the Phoenix Fire Department held a press conference to address concerns about the rescue operation on Tuesday after footage of the woman spinning went viral. "In that time, we know of [a similar situation] happening twice". Here's hoping her body (and her heart) is OK.