Brother of Barbara Corcoran died in Dominican Republic hotel after drink

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- Another American tourist has died in the Dominican Republic: The latest casualty is a California man who fell critically ill at an all-inclusive resort about a month before three others died in their rooms, Fox News has learned.

On April 14 this year, 67-year-old Robert Wallace also died in the area after having a drink from his minibar, his niece Chloe Arnold told Fox News.

Arnold further explained that the hotel doctor had checked Wallace, and decided on April 13 that he had to be hospitalized.

He said Dominican authorities told the family to expect Wallace's toxicology reports in eight to 10 weeks - possibly by the end of June, based on the timeline. Wallace died the day of the wedding, Tickenoff told the station.

Dozens of other tourists have reported severe sickness during visits to the resorts.

Last week, a Colorado couple who stayed at the Grand Bahia Principe Hotel alleged that they had become violently ill after being exposed to what they suspect were insecticides through the air conditioning system.

What makes the string of deaths particularly disturbing is that many appear to follow a similar pattern in that they involve healthy, middle-aged adults who took a drink from their hotel room minibar before suddenly becoming gravely sick.

Corcoran said no autopsy has been done on her brother but she was told he suffered a heart attack. "We have so many questions", she said.

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Almost seven million tourists visit the Dominican Republic and most are from the U.S.

A Brooklyn woman said that she vomited blood at a resort in the Dominican Republic after drinking a 7UP soda that was allegedly filled with bleach, according to local reports.

"It's tough. I mean, you're in the process of grieving a family member and then all these other instances come out where it just kind of adds to the pain of not knowing what happened", Wallace's son-in-law said.

Miranda Schaup-Werner, right, died five days before Edward Nathaniel Holmes and Cynthia Ann Day, left, were found unconscious at the Bahia Principe Hotel in La Romana. The deaths are now being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Worryingly for the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, over 45 of these guests noted that they had been guests at this particular resort.

"We have some reporters on the ground that are assisting us in gathering information that might be available".

Another couple, Kaylunn Knull and Tom Schwander also reported of headaches abdominal cramps and diarrhea after encountering a strong smell of chemicals in the La Romana hotel in June 2018.