Drones to deliver Amazon packages!

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The new Prime Air drone employs diverse sensors and advanced algorithms, such as multi-view stereo vision, to detect static objects like a chimney.

Wilke highlighted the drone's safety features, an impressive combination of hardware and software.

Amazon also promised that the drone will be safe, not only due to its six degrees of movement or its increased scope for movement but also from its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, which will allow it to better navigate past objects and avoid unexpected obstacles, say a confused flock of geese wondering 'oh what new nonsense is this?'. Wilke said that the Prime Air drone can travel 15 miles and delivery a package weighing under 5 pounds in under 30 minutes. "And, with the help of our world-class fulfillment and delivery network, we expect to scale Prime Air both quickly and efficiently, delivering packages via drone to customers within months".

Amazon said earlier this year it would speed up its free delivery for its Prime subscribers, now 2 days for most items, to a single day, with North American customers the first to benefit. These drones are part of the company's Prime Air program which the company has been testing in multiple worldwide locations through its development centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Austria, France and Israel.

Amazon said Wednesday that it plans to use self-piloted drones to deliver packages to shoppers' home in the coming months.

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Earlier this year, the FAA issued Google spin-off Wing an FAA Certificate to operate as an air carrier for drones, the first such certificate granted, in order to facilitate legal drone delivery.

The FAA has given Amazon a one year approval, eligible for renewal, for research and testing, though not for commercial deliveries.

At the time of landing, Amazon's drone will be able to account for the position of people, animals, and even wires such as clothesline, telephone or electrical wires.

To detect moving objects, like a paraglider or helicopter, it uses proprietary computer-vision and machine learning algorithms. "Amazon is a large enough company now that we need to be doing things that, if they work, can actually move the needle".