Pokemon Direct Details New Characters and Plot of the Galar Region

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Well, Pokémon Sword and Shield have now appeared on the list of eligible titles, meaning you can pick up both games for significantly less than the standard price.

Zacian, a wolf-like Pokemon that appears to hold a sword in its mouth, was revealed as Pokemon Sword's cover Legendary but little else is known about the mysterious Pokemon. We now know the game's release date, and it's right in the November sweet spot, squished into a release window with long-awaited Kojima wtfery Death Stranding and the first single-player Star Wars release in ages.

This will also tie in to multiplayer, as online or local groups of three trainers can team up for a "Raid battle", which will be your team versus a Dynamax Pokemon.

Champion Leon has a younger brother named Hop, who will serve as your rival throughout Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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Professor Magnolia has a granddaughter named Sonia, who is her assistant and a helping hand throughout the game. We already knew about starter Pokemon Grookey, Sobble, and Scorbunny.

Players will be encountering brand-new Pokemon on their journey and once again will have the choice to begin the game with either a fire, water or grass-type Pokemon. The new Pokemon include the flowering Pokemon Gossifleur, which evolves into Eldegoss; Wooloo the sheep Pokemon; Corviknight, which resembles a raven and is used to taxi people from town to town within the Galar region; and finally, Drednaw, a massive Pokemon with a hard shell and strong bite.

Unique to Sword and Shield will be the ability to transform your Pokemon during battle into giant, towering forms of themselves. Pokemon games have always done that, but I foolishly hoped that the move to a console would inspire Game Freak to take a bigger risk. What do you think about this upcoming game?