Rumours: Apple may shut down iTunes; its social pages have been scrubbed

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Those and the other software important to developers like Apple SDKs, provisioning profiles, FPS SDK and deployment package, and etcetera.

Dr. Sumbul Desai, Apple's VP of Health, at WWDC on Monday in San Jose, California. WWDC is by and large dedicated to the software end only.

If you're a hardcore Apple fan (or you're just interested in the software announcements), you can catch a lot of the action online.

In addition to getting rid of iTunes, Apple will announce several new updates to its operating systems, including iOS, macOS and watchOS. The Dark Mode is definitely being predicted as a certainty on this OS version update.

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The Mac has an app store and iPhones and iPads have an app store. The developers will be exposed to the changes during the WWDC. There's support for folder sharing, column view, metadata, server access and external storage devices including thumb drives, which means you'll be able to import photos directly into a specific photo editing app. Well, the file size limit is created to prevent iOS users from accidentally downloading a large app over cellular and using up all their data allowance or running up data charges. There is a new gesture-based three-finger tap that can help undo or redo certain actions will be introduced.

iTunes' Twitter page is still up, with the latest post dating back to 25 May. Multiple windows display and multitasking are some of the new features being predicted.

The update will include bug fixes, run time errors and enhancements on the application as well as added features that will help users use the app easily. Federighi brushed past it quickly, but he did mention that music downloads would be managed in the Apple TV app.

Apple's App Store is the main driver of Apple's services segment, based on the firm's 30 percent cut of all sales through the store, although that practice is under scrutiny by regulators in the United States and Europe. It's available on Mac and iOS. You know like every other system does.