Woman died days before Md. couple at Dominican Republic hotel

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But given that this comes just days after a DE woman alleged that she was attacked and left for dead while on a January vacation in the Dominican Republic, the U.S. Department of State said they are working with local authorities on the investigation.

Jay McDonald says his brother-in-law, Dan Werner, and his wife, 41-year-old Miranda Schaup-Werner, flew to the Dominican Republic on May 25 to celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary.

"Daniel and all of us are in a state of disbelief, we are shocked".

Holmes' sister told NBC4 when she spoke to her brother he "was having a great time".

On May 27, the pair had shared photos and messages on their Facebook accounts in which they appeared to be enjoying their vacation.

"Mrs. Schaup Werner, who was a guest of Luxury Bahia Principe Bouganville, was found unresponsive in her room on May 25", the statement said. An hour later, she began experiencing health problems. "The next moment, she was in acute pain and called out for Dan and she collapsed". "He did his best to try and resuscitate, to help her".

Paramedics arrived and gave an epinephrine injection - usually used to treat severe allergic reactions. Daley also claimed that the man thought she was dead and tried to dispose of her in a hole.

"It was very sudden", McDonald noted.

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"Boat ride of a lifetime!" one caption said.

The U.S. State Department confirms Schaup-Werner died five days before Edward Holmes and Cynthia Day were found dead in their hotel room. Officials later said they died of respiratory failure. The Dominican Republic National Police announced an autopsy found the couple had respiratory failure and pulmonary edema.

An investigation is underway in the Dominican Republic, after three United States citizens were found dead in a resort in the Dominican Republican city of La Romana at the end of May. "The staff immediately contacted the relevant local authorities which have initiated an investigation".

Following the couple's death, the hotel posted a statement saying, "There were no signs of violence..."

Holmes' daughter, said she wants the mystery solved, stressing, "It should have never happened", she said.

Of their deaths, "That was beyond coincidence", McDonald told Fox.

"No toxicology report was done as part of the cause of death inquiry, nor were Mrs. Shaup-Werner's glass and drink tested".

"They died five days after, and the cause was determined to be the same, this just puts this whole thing through the stratosphere", McDonald said.