Senior U.S. official: Huawei should still be treated as blacklisted

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The email was sent by John Sonderman, Deputy Director of the Office of Export Enforcement in the Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security.

Huawei is yet to receive an official confirmation from the U.S. Commerce Department on this matter on whether it can continue to have Android OS on upcoming Huawei devices, reports Reuters.

A senior official emailed enforcement staff Monday to assert that Huawei remains on its Entity List and that a "presumption of denial" licensing policy is still in place, Reuters reports.

At the recent G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping agreed on a trade truce whereby Washington held off on imposing new tariffs on Chinese goods and agreed to allow United States companies to sell products to Huawei.

The Trump government has said the other day American companies would still be allowed to sell to Huawei.

"Congress's concern that Huawei could be used by the Chinese government to target U.S. telecommunications networks did not develop overnight", according to the government's filing. "But we don't see much impact on what we are now doing". To be honest, we expected it would happen and then eventually overturned since the company has been a powerful fixture in the mobile industry.

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White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said earlier this week that the government would allow "lower tech" chip sales that do not impact national security, echoing similar comments from National Economic Council Chairman Larry Kudlow. According to Ren Zhengfel, Huawei founder, this uplift of the ban will not have any impact on the company or its business.

The US Department of Commerce is holding strong on the ban on US firms selling kit to Huawei, despite word from the White House that sanctions against the Chinese firm might be lifted. On Tuesday, a White House trade adviser minimized what the administration had agreed to, saying the USA will "allow the sale of chips to Huawei and these are lower tech items, which do not impact national security whatsoever". He also said the decision on whether to take Huawei off the entity list would be left to later.

Finally, it looks like Huawei's troublesome days could come to an end as Trump administration is considering lifting the trade ban on Huawei.

It has launched a lobbying effort to convince us allies to keep Huawei out of next-generation 5G telecommunications infrastructure, citing concerns the company could spy on customers. And what about Trump's previous statement that Huawei is "dangerous"?

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but has repeatedly denied that any of its products pose a national security risk. Huawei does design its own chips but uses software supplied by USA firms to do so. "We will still focus on doing our own job right", a Huawei spokesman said in an email.