Autumn Playing Bag

This autumn you can spend playing on the Stock Exchange on several interesting realities that we will discuss in this article but which we have already discussed in recent times. Before starting, we remind you that you can use the trading platforms that we mention on our homepage to play on the Stock Exchange at home. Don’t forget the difference between CFD trading and binary options trading, because while the former allow you to invest in the medium/long term (especially for shares), binary options have very short expirations and are therefore always intraday. Having said that, let’s evaluate together some tools on which to trade online.

Alibaba Stocks

The first reality is that of Alibaba shares which, although they have now been “settled” and are quite constant, have had a remarkable initial peak that could be repeated in positive (with increases) or negative (with decreases) depending on the strategies and results that will be obtained. Since this is a very sensitive and fresh stock, we recommend that you keep an eye on it and follow step by step all the moves of the company as well as its balance sheets. Its current value is around $90 but remember that through leverage you can trade Alibaba shares with very small budgets.

YAHOO Shares!

The exclamation mark and the stamp are part of the real and correct name of the company, but at the same time such enthusiasm could remain with a proper investment. This company owned 24% of Alibaba, which earned it a lot of money and its investors were happy. During the IPO, however, Yahoo had to sell a good part of its share and so now it finds itself with less revenue potential but with more cash, with which it can invest and grow. His shares have fallen slightly, but they could go up and up a lot if he moves in the right way. At the moment, you can buy Yahoo shares at a discount and maybe it’s worth taking advantage of it. Consider whether to play on the Stock Exchange on this company.


At the moment 1 euro is worth about 1.27 dollars while until recently it was always around 1.35. The European economy is struggling while the U.S. economy has started to fly again. This autumn, investing down on the eur/usd could prove to be a good choice, always bearing in mind the possibility of buying when it reaches a very low level in the event that we expect to rise in the long term. Consider, however, the possible advent of Le Pen in France, the possible referendum on the euro that would follow and the possible leakage from the euro of France. Catastrophe? Not even that much. Think of the fact that in Scotland there had never been a referendum on independence, and yet…

AS Roma Ыhares, Juventus Ыhares

Do you think the Scudetto will be won by Juventus or Roma? Choose a team and bet on its actions. However, at the moment you can not yet play on the Stock Exchange on these shares, but we will keep you informed for any news. Keep following us and enjoy trading!

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