Bitcoin With Postepay, How To Buy

In this article we will explain how you can buy Bitcoin with Postepay. This in fact represents one of the most used payment tools by Italians online and among them there are also those who buy cryptocurrencies. But how do you buy bitcoin with Postepay?

Before you begin, below you can see a table with the best platforms for trading on bitcoins with Postepay, chosen on the basis of their popularity, security and regulation.

How To Buy Bitcoin With Postepay At 24option

The 24option platform is one of the most important in the industry and allows you to make upward and downward transactions on bitcoins, using different payment methods including Postepay. This is part of the VISA circuit, so in order to use it for deposit purposes, you must first select “credit card” and then enter the number of Postepay.

As you can see in the screenshot below, just enter the 16-digit Postepay number and the system will automatically recognize it as a VISA. In addition to the number, when you deposit for the first time you will also be asked for the 3-digit security code on the back of the card. Finally, all you have to do is select the amount you wish to deposit.

To complete the operation, click on “Make a deposit”. The deposit made will be fully usable for purchase transactions on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Since when working with a platform it is good to know it better, let’s dedicate a few words to 24option. Although you’ve probably heard about it before, it’s a platform that operates in over 100 countries around the world. In Italy it has been present since 2008 and since 2012 it also offers the possibility to negotiate on cryptocurrencies. It is a secure environment for CFD trading, being the 24option company regulated in the European Union by the CySEC and registered in the Consob register. It offers a 24-hour customer support service, which can be contacted via live chat or email. 24option offers the possibility to trade on different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and other major ones.

Another platform with which you can trade from a deposit made with Postepay is, another well-known trading platform in the industry. It has a very strong web domain, not only for its internet domain, but also for the great success it has achieved over the years. It should be noted that currently only allows you to trade on Bitcoin, so if you want to trade on other crypto currencies, we recommend you try another platform.

Buying BTC With Postepay on eToro

To buy Bitcoin through postepay you can also use the eToro platform.

This is a very different platform from the previous ones (and also from the following ones). In fact, it is a social trading platform that allows you to not only trade, but also to participate in the life of the social network just like on Facebook. The only difference is that here we only talk about trading, advice on when to buy or sell, technical analysis, etc..

Very interesting is the function of Copy Trading, with which you can automatically copy the operations of other more experienced and prepared traders, selectable according to special rankings of return in which are highlighted all data relating to their earnings (how long they have obtained, what they have invested, the degree of risk they involve etc..).

Bitcoin With Postepay On Iq Options, Exchanges And Trading Platforms

Another interesting solution for buying bitcoins with Postepay is offered by IQ Option, a platform that has become very popular for binary options but has now also been launched in the field of exchange platforms.

On IQ Option you can buy Bitcoin directly from the market and do so through your Postepay card, by entering the card number that will be recognized as VISA.

About IQ Option, we highlight the following points:

  1. It presents real-time charts of the price of the Bitcoin, on which you can easily apply indicators of technical analysis.
  2. Presents a live chat with other users of the platform, both Italian and international. You can therefore communicate with other subscribers in real time, exchanging comments and opinions on transactions and market trends.

Buy BTC on Coinbase With Postepay

You may have heard of Coinbase before about Bitcoin. Nothing strange, since it is simply the largest broker of Bitcoin in the world.

On Coinbase you can buy up to 150 euros of Bitcoin with Postepay, every week. The same applies to each type of credit or debit card, for which there is also a fixed commission of 2.99% on purchases.

To purchase BTC with Postepay on Coinbase you can proceed as follows:

  • Open an account with Coinbase;
  • Connect your credit card to your account by adding it to your profile;
  • Verify your identity with Coinbase;
  • Buy Bitcoin with your Postepay.

As for this method, the main advantages include the high liquidity and the limits of purchase valid for all users (which disadvantages the sudden change in prices), in addition to the ease of use.

On Which Exchanges Can I Buy Bitcoins With Postepay?

In addition to Coinbase, there are other exchanges on which you can both buy BTC and trade with other crypto currencies. Among others, we highlight Kraken, Bitpanda and CoinMama. Even if you have to be very careful in the choice of the counterparts, you could also evaluate the LocalBitcoins hypothesis, with all the necessary precautions.

In any case, we would like to advise you to operate in a safe and known environment.

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