Buy Bitcoin in Cash

There are some ways to buy Bitcoin in cash, but also good alternatives. In fact, to buy BTC with cash, you need to have the cash in hand, so if the transaction is not a small account, bringing a lot of money below is a risk, both for those who buy, both for those who sell. Imagine for example if you are selling yourself and the other party comes with a cash sum: how can you be sure that it is good money? A good money is first and foremost true, but it also does not come from illegal activities.

If you are looking for a way to buy BTC quickly and easily, you could for example consider the idea of buying bitcoins with Postepay, using a well-known trading platform that accepts precisely the debit card of the Italian Post Office as a method of payment. This is the Plus500 trading platform.

Buy Bitcoin, Postepay or Cash?

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of these two methodologies.

Among the advantages of buying bitcoin in cash, there is certainly the possibility of remaining anonymous, escaping any kind of fiscal control. However, we advise you for obvious ethical reasons to remain within the scope of legality, obeying any regulations of your country about operations with bitcoin and beyond. When you operate legally, you operate more serene and you do not run the risk of running into serious trouble with justice.

Among the advantages of buying bitcoins with Postepay, however, there is precisely the fact that you avoid handling money in cash, bargaining on the contrary in a totally digital way, passing the value of bitcoins on your own paper, well protected. Moreover, to obtain a postepay card it takes very little time.

Bitcoin With Cash Or We Start From Postepay

To buy bitcoins with postepay, you can proceed in two ways, through Coinbase or an exchange, or with a CFD crypto currency trading platform, which allows you to aim for economic results based on both price increases and price decreases of the BTC. That’s right, CFDs also allow you to get results based on your own downward forecasts.

Let’s start with the exchange.

On “pure” exchange platforms, you can buy bitcoins or trade with other digital currencies.

On Coinbase you can buy up to 150 euros of Bitcoin with Postepay every week. The same goes for any other type of credit or debit card, for which there is also a fixed commission of 2.99% on purchases.

To buy BTC with Postepay on Coinbase you can proceed as follows:

  1. Open an account with Coinbase.
  2. Connect the card by adding it to your profile.
  3. Verify your identity with Coinbase.
  4. Buy Bitcoin with your Postepay.

With CFDs you can open positions up (buy) and down (sell). You can then use your market forecast to try to make proportional profits based on the change in the market price.

Buying Bitcoins At The Bank

If you go to the bank to buy bitcoins in cash, you won’t get much out of it. Instead, you may decide to use your bank account number, or rather your credit card, to use the platforms described above.

If you don’t have a card, a very fast way to buy BTC, with an organizational time shorter than a cash purchase, is to apply for a new card or a Postepay. The time is fast and in no time you will have a card or card number to use to reload it and to buy bitcoins online on exchanges or trading platforms.

Buying Bitcoin, Is Paypal Better?

Paypal is a bit the same as Postepay, but the time is less fast because the controls are strict and cross-border. You need to verify your identity in several steps and the same to verify the account. The time for opening a Postepay is faster. In addition, buying bitcoins with Paypal is complicated and has various types of commission.

Buying Bitcoin With Credit Card, The Best Choice?

So, in the end, the choice of buying bitcoin with a credit card may be the preferred one. This is because time is reduced, as are the commissions requested. In addition, you do everything in the light of day and you are not forced to present yourself or accept numerous banknotes that, among other things, maybe of dubious or ambiguous origin.

Bitcoin With Bitboat

If you really want to buy bitcoins in cash, there are some solutions that might be right for you. For example, you could visit the Bitboat website, a company based in London and operating in Europe as well as in Italy, which allows you to choose the amount, pay at the tobacconist’s and receive Bitcoins. Bitboat intermediate numerous “vendors” (suppliers), trying to give continuous availability, all trying to constantly amplicate their fleet of vendors. To be offered for sale, Bitcoins must be deposited in their own wallet, offline, with the escrow directly guaranteed Bitboat. The same site guarantees the correctness and clarity of the transactions.

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