Ideas For Getting Results With Online Trading

We are all always looking for new ideas to get results from online trading, especially when it comes to rounding up, perhaps with the ability to do so from home. If we are in 2014, with what we can call the new economy, we can also have some advantage, right? Well, if you’re looking for a business to do at home, online trading could be for you. But it might not be like that. In this article, we will try to find out together. First, if you can read this article most likely you are doing it from home, via an internet connection. If the connection is your own and is on average stable, then you certainly have one of the requirements to get started: an internet connection. Leaving aside this assumption, let’s try to understand if among the ideas to get results, trading can do or not for you.

What is Trading?

Knowing what online trading is is definitely essential once you decide to start, but it is not essential to know before. That’s why information exists, isn’t it? Well, online trading is nothing more than a system that allows you to trade (trade) in stocks, currencies and other types of financial instruments from the comfort of your own home, online. So, in practice, it allows you to invest in stocks without going to the bank, and starting from very small capital. Think that some brokers like Plus500 allow you to invest in stocks without the need to make any deposit in real money. You can deposit even a small share, for example 100 € and invest in different types of action, both Italian and international (eg facebook, twitter, google, Microsoft etc..).

Is it Safe?

Before proceeding, let’s clarify one thing immediately, because this is one of the doubts that grips the web when you do not know what you are talking about. If for sure you want to understand that you never lose, well, it would not be realistic. Do you know of any investment in which you can not lose? No. Betting on the prediction of stocks, or currencies, or the trend of commodities, or indices (eg FTSE Mib) depends precisely on the price of these, so if Pirelli loses 5 points in a day and we have bet on Pirelli part of our capital, what should we say? The more you are aware, the safer it is. The more you spread the risk by diversifying your portfolio, the safer it is. The more you make good choices, the more you get results. However, on our portal we explain how to set up so-called stop losses, i.e. automatic stops that do not make you lose more than you want to lose. That’s right.

Broker Without Red

A great advice that we give you is to choose online brokers that allow you to trade without going into red, or that even if you are very little careful, you can not “go below” and then lose more than you invest. Broker Plus500 does not have debt situations for basic accounts, as do all other regulated brokers following the entry into force of the ESMA regulation.


Have you ever heard of someone who before opening a business has been able to practice to learn better what he was about to do? Yes, of course, a graduate may be able to do some internships (even unpaid), but what happens instead for people over 50? They are not taken by anyone. Well, if you are looking for ideas to get some economic gains, online trading is good for this, because it allows you to practice with fake money before starting to invest with real money. How? through the “demo” mode, or a mode that allows you to use the same platform (the software) that you use in real mode, with all the data in real time and all the real conditions in which you trade with real money. The only difference is that you don’t risk anything. But nothing at all.

Do I Know Finance?

Finance is a very exciting world, we all know something about finance because on the news we often hear about economic stuff. Obviously we started from superficiality, but for those who start you need to learn and follow a little better the stock markets and the economy, for example by reading for free the Sole 24ore online (the most interesting news for what we want to do), or yahoo finance. You don’t need a degree, we said, but you still need to learn how a certain market works, before investing money in it. A bit like betting. If we don’t know the Dutch league, how are we going to bet on the winning team?

Do I Have Time?

If you also have a couple of hours a day to devote to online trading you’re fine. Of course, the more time you spend on it the better, but to do all the work, including information, a couple of hours is much more than enough. Consider that you can also follow the markets from your smartphone and place orders from there.

Do I Want to?

It may seem obvious, but to be successful in something you need to have above all desire, maybe passion, but first of all desire, the desire to learn, do well and get results. If you don’t like finance, if you don’t like stocks, the stock exchange, forget it.

We Make a decision, without risk

So, as far as we have seen so far, we can say that we need will, and therefore also decision, conviction. Beyond that, we have seen that you can learn without risk, practicing with fake money. So, in order:

  • Let’s decide whether to start;
  • If we start, we do it in demo mode. Vin recommend Plus500 as it offers you this possibility;
  • Once we’ve practiced and become familiar, we go “real”.

In real mode, you can trade online even a tot a day, but at the end of the month you can make a balance. After a few months, you’ll know if you’re good enough to set up your own business and do just that.

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