Plus500 Ripple, Trading Instructions

Plus500 Ripple could not miss it because Plus500 has long had the goal of providing the ability to trade on all the assets most in demand in the market. Plus500 is a platform that is not only serious but also simple to use and professional in terms of the instruments offered. In short, there are good reasons why it is worth thinking about trading online on the Ripple with Plus500.

Ripple on Plus500, Login

To access the Ripple Plus500 platform you must first have an account. To get an account you need to follow a special procedure, simple and very short. After that, the access can be done in two different ways: either through a Demo account, or with an account that can operate in all respects under the same conditions as the real mode, but unlike the latter does not use real money, or with an account precisely real, which requires trading with real money and everything that follows in terms of risks and opportunities.

In both modes you are guaranteed to enjoy an intuitive interface, customizable charts and an interesting financial leverage to amplify the range of investments.

The Ripple Plus500 Trading Platform

As we have already said, Plus500 is one of the most important companies in the CFD market: after all, this broker provides its customers with a powerful but simple system at the same time.

Plus500 registered users can trade CFDs on several cryptomonets, from the world-famous Bitcoin to the Ethereum, via the emerging Ripple. The platform looks exactly as you see it in the screenshot below.

As you can see from the image, the graphics that is proposed is not at all difficult to understand, indeed, has been designed in such a way as to be understandable even in the eyes of those who do not have a great deal of experience in the field.  Among other things, the Demo account we talked about earlier allows you to become more familiar with the platform, and to be found prepared as never before when you want to switch to real mode. 

Screenshots at hand, what emerges is that the interface of Plus500 is divided into three areas: at the top left there is the column of assets available, including precisely the family of cryptocurrencies, and on the right there is the window of prices and purchase orders and sales.  In bottom it comes instead shown the diagram in real time relative to the trend of the price of the good to which it refers, that in our specific case is the Ripple. 

Ripple Price Of Purchase And Sale 

To negotiate on the Ripple on Plus500 you must select the category “Crypt” that we saw in the column at the top left.  Once in the category just shake until the Ripple appears, with the price of purchase and sale.

But let’s better understand what these terms mean. The exchange, for example, is a percentage value that expresses the variation of the price in reference to the current day. Sell and Buy, instead, coincide respectively with the prices of sale and purchase of the asset.

How Ripple Trading on Plus500 Works

With Plus500 you can trade both upwards and downwards, so you can make profits regardless of whether the crypto currency buys or loses value. The same applies to losses. To open positions upwards you have to buy on the button “Buy” and, from the window that opens, complete the operation with all the details of the case (as shown in the image below). The same can be done for the opening of the “Sell” position.

As it clearly emerges from the image above, the user is absolutely free to choose how many ripple to trade, so much so that it is given the ability to set both the Stop Loss and Stop Limit: the first intervenes when you want to put a ceiling on losses, while the second comes in handy to automate profits when they have reached a certain amount. The details of these functions are however well exposed in our complete guide to CFDs. Always remember the risk of loss, as well as the potential for profit.

However, it is worth starting to familiarize yourself with the terms of the industry right now.

  1. Contracts: these are the number of Ripple CFDs you wish to trade.
  2. Financial leverage: as the name suggests, this instrument allows you to trade on a much higher number of ripples than you could trade with the capital invested. The leverage in fact amplifies in every sense the scope of the investment, so, with perhaps a leverage of 1:5, an investment of 200 € would move a turnover of 1,000 €.
  3. Margin: expresses the amount of the investment taking into account the leverage applied.
  4. Stop Limit: this parameter is used to set a level, called take profit, beyond which the position closes automatically.
  5. Stop Loss: this function allows you to set a level of loss at which the position closes automatically (it is useful to prevent any losses from getting worse and worse).
  6. Guaranteed closing: given the fact that it is not available for all instruments, the guaranteed closing, as you can deduce, closes the position in case there are strong price fluctuations (however, requires an additional spread).
  7. Buy/Sell: are the buttons to click to, respectively, bet on a bullish or bearish trend.

Although it has not been included in these items, it is worth noting that CFD brokers, while still very cheap compared to traditional brokers, are used to apply a spread to open positions. The spread represents a small cost that the broker automatically retains when a position is opened: it is the reason why a position, as soon as it is opened, results in a loss for a small percentage.

Ripple Quote in Real-Time

The Ripple quote is nothing more than the price of CFDs. The price of the Plus500 CFD Ripple follows exactly the trend of the underlying market, so if the Ripple falls in price, the CFDs attached to it will move accordingly.

The real-time chart is easy to use and also very convenient if you consider the fact that Plus500 gives you the opportunity to implement it with various indicators, useful to perform serious technical analysis work on the Ripple.

For example, by clicking on the button f(x) you can activate a list of available indicators that for a fact of size we could not include directly.

To apply one of these technical indicators on the Ripple Plus500 trading platform, you have to select it. This is true for both the first and the following indicators, which will work simultaneously and will respond to the settings set by the user.

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